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LinguaSoft EduTech Private Limited is an English language learning Solutions Company

Who we are

LinguaSoft EduTech Private Limited is an English language learning Solutions Company which aims at designing and development products and study material for effective online English Language learning. LinguaSoft EduTech is a dedicated company that addresses the gap in the language learning Industry by developing software that effectively works on all the shortcomings of the education system.
Our industry expertise in building successful products and our passion led us to launch several products of our own that categorizes the modes of learning into different sections, making it easier for the students and applicants to work on at. We offer various English language learning products like PTE practice tests, PTE mock tests, IELTS reading and writing software, IELTS Listening and Speaking Software, TOEFL software and OET software. Along with all these, we offer Spoken English Software with 6 CEFR levels – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.
LinguaSoft EduTech has developed an innovative technology to help candidates learn English easily. LinguaSoft EduTech has created various English language learning products inspired by natural immersion program, simulating the innate manner in which mother tongue is learnt. Our English language learning products are designed to help candidates who want to improve their English or want to score more in English Tests conducted by various bodies like British Council, IDP, Pearson, and ETS.
We believe that investing heavily in our team and specializing in many English Learning Programs are the best ways to translate the values of excellence and collaboration into innovative digital products for you.

No one is left behind

English is a language of opportunities. Proficiency in English language opens many opportunities in life. In this world of opportunities, so many people are left behind because of average or no English language skills. People tried learning English language but could not succeed much, because of defective methods of second language acquisition. We at LinguaSoft EduTech would like to solve this problem for once and all by delivering guaranteed output in English language learning.

Garry Kang CEO

Technology Enabled

For measured and certain language learning outcome, use of technology is a must. There are few good quality English language trainers available but there are billions of learners. There is a huge gap in demand and supply. Only and only technology can fill this gap. We at LinguaSoft EduTech have come up with the most innovative technology enabled English language learning solutions.

Pam Kang COO

Our Mission and Vision

Our Team

We have a Digital Marketing team of Web Content Writers, PPC and SEO experts who maintain the credibility of our business online. We are constantly making efforts to improve our online presence and be found on all the platforms, all across the web, of online learning. The efforts of the respective departments and teams help us deliver high-quality products and prompt services to the clients with affirmative and definite results. It is one of the hardest working, goal oriented team driven by an aim to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

Our dedicated marketing department led by Marketing Managers, Assistant Marketing Managers, Team Leaders and Officers play a vital role in promoting our various English language learning products. Our marketing department handles and solves customer queries without a hassle and makes sure all their issues get addressed with satisfaction. They do a commendable job of creating an overarching image of the company all over the world and provide clients with smooth experience. Each of the team mates is capable enough to address greatest of the greatest issues with easy and élan and give represent the company with all its glory to the clients across the world.

We have a team of highly experienced (Pearson Academic, Cambridge and ETS Certified) and knowledgeable content developers who are involved in the development of content for various LinguaSoft products. Our content developers work day and night to create contents, keeping the challenging needs of the learners in mind, and deliver them with 100% accuracy and highest quality of the order so that our applicants and students can learn the best of the language and excel. We have a separate team of Editors and proofreaders who edit the content for errors and ensure that everything is flawless.

The IT team is led by IT Project Manager and team leaders to convert our dreams into reality. The efforts and work of our IT team are indispensable in developing excellent products and that it reaches the hands of the learners all around the world. We have Web developers, Web designers, Animators and Testers in our IT team who work beyond the horizons of time to deliver uninterrupted products with smooth user experience.

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