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    • User will get an introduction to A2 level spoken English Software
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    • User will be able to describe any person, event, situation, weather, vocation in simple yet effective sentences.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural Immersion Programme

    Learn English language in the same way like you have learnt your mother tongue.

  • Immediate Feedback

    Interactive exercises provide instant feedback to help you improve your English language skills.

  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere

    Choose to learn and improve English at your own convenience of time and place.

A2 Spoken English Software Features

  • Vocabulary depicted through pictures
  • Practice spoken English by repeated listening
  • Pictures from everyday activities to learn English easily
  • Interactive - listen, understand, speak and record
  • Instant feedback on pronunciation and correctness of spoken English
  • Fun games to make learning enjoyable and interesting
  • Learn by participation
  • Guaranteed results
  • Certificate as reward

Do you want to start speaking in English as a beginner ?. Want to speak English in your daily life and while travelling?. Want to score about 4.0 band in IELTS or equivalent in other English Exams? We have the perfect solution for you! Our online software A2 has been made to suit all your needs and enable you to learn English and speak fluent English in just a matter of days. Our 8 week program is designed to ensure learning with result-based approach. Daily and weekly targets keep regular tabs on progress and assure success. We guarantee you will be able to start and maintain English conversations about daily activities with anyone anywhere. Easy to follow instructions make difficult things simple to remember. Quick response system provides instant feedback to promote result-based learning. User-friendly program engages the learner in practical problems, hence not based on mugging. Attractive games at the end of every week to make learning fun and enjoyable. Words from everyday life make a new learner familiar with common words. Ease-of access ensures user can use it anytime, anywhere according to his comfort. Certificate on successful completion of program provides concrete proof of one's achievement. So what are you waiting for! Go get your access TODAY!

How to Know your Proficiency Level


  • Are you struggling to comprehend basic concepts and ideas at school or college? Are you unable to put forth questions owing to lack of spoken English skills?
  • Are you facing a challenge in speaking, understanding and responding to the workplace questions in English despite proper qualification?
  • Looking for ways to improve your score to 4.0 band or equivalent level in various English language exams-IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE?
  • Are you a traveller and face hindrance in striking a simple conversation even with a shop keeper overseas?

Our Spoken English (A2) software is the right product for you.

According to the CEFR, the A1 level comprises of people with understanding of basic words and simple communication. Our A2 level software will enable you to learn spoken English so as to endow you with skills to speak fluently about your daily activities and familiar objects. You will be all ready to express your ideas even with a fluent English speaker in a sophisticated manner.

Why Us ?

Natural Immersion Programme

Did you learn grammar rules for your mother tongue before you began speaking it?
No, right? Then why should you learn complex grammar rules for speaking fluent English?

Our Natural Immersion Programme emphasises on

  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Speaking

LinguaSoft EduTech is one-stop-solution of getting high-quality learning stuff for English language. Our English language learning software is designed meticulously keeping in mind about perceptions of the learners.
We are running parallel to technology hence we have introduced a unique learning solution for those who are getting bored going to traditional English learning classes.
The motive behind designing the product is to learn English with fun. We don't follow outdated patterns of teaching Spoken English. By having this software, you will get a module based topics which will help you in learning the language step-by-step. The engaging topics will enhance your curiosity of learning English. Our software helps to make your vocabulary and speaking ability stronger. Through the software you can learn how to pronounce English words. Our learning software also boosts your listening and speaking efficiency in English.
You will be felt encouraged when you start understanding the words, their meaning and synonyms.
When you are done with learning vocabulary, then you do practice for further exercise by speaking each every word in the topic. There are varieties of interesting exercises such as "Drag and Drop Text", "Type the Text" and "Repeat Sentences" consent the user to practice the topic. The interesting part of the software is that you will learn all the words and sentences by listening and watching videos.

Every topic of the day concludes with the exercise of speaking and learning new words and sentences. This is the reason why this software is becoming more demanding than other similar products. This helps you in speaking the topic in one go. The software is the best way to learn the language because the user starts with learning words then start speaking from the topic given in the software. The pattern can be referred to as Natural Immersion Programme.
The unique feature of this software is you need to get completed the first module to access of week 2 module. We bet you that the course can surely improve the present level of your English and take you to the next levels. Initially, you cover the easy topics in week 1 and week 2 modules, but as the weeks go on, the topics become difficult with strong vocabulary or words that help you to add more words to your mind's dictionary. When you get into the course, you go through the various modules based day-by-day chapter. Following all the modules will boost the level of your English. There is a saying that "English is a funny language" and we have made this true by introducing most demanding Spoken English Software.
With this software, you learn English by seeing funny videos and games in each module which enhance the power of your understanding various words.