Online PTE Preparation Video Courses

The preparation video courses are a comprehensive solution for all your needs for the PTE test. These video courses comprise extensive video tutorials where each item type has been explained with solved examples. PTE strategy guide will help you avoid mistakes during the test. A detailed eBook about the PTE is also enclosed with Practice Tests and Mock Tests. Our Mock Tests comes with a salient feature of instant scoring. Students get 20 Sectional Tests with this package. Sectional Tests allows multiple practice attempts for each item type. Sectional Tests comes with an 'exam day tips' as add on. This is a complete package which will help you enhance your PTE score.

Online PTE Video Courses

Sem 1 Free 49.99
Description Demo Intensive Elaborative Complete
Duration and Validity2 days2 weeks4 weeks6 weeks
Detailed Video Lectures1202020
No. of Practice Tests (2 Attempts)04 812
No. of Instantly scored Mock Tests (1 Attempt)0246
Guidance Videos1202020
PTE Strategy GuidePartial FullFullFull
Sectional Tests (Unlimited Attempts)1202020

PTE Intensive Video Course

Detailed Video course of PTE to facilitate you to crack PTE with flying colours.


The Video course is designed to cater to the needs of the PTE test takers. Meticulous video tutorials with each item type have been explained with solved examples in this preparation package. Reduce your chances of errors with the aid of tips and things to remember. Practice Tests and Mock Tests come with an explicit PTE eBook. Get your instant scores with Mock Tests. Practice 20 Sectional Tests with unlimited attempts and enjoy ‘exam day tips’ every day. This is a thorough package which will help you improve your PTE score.


  • Comprehensive and Explicit Video Lectures
  • 4 Practice Tests
  • 2 Mock Tests with instant results
  • Tips and Tricks for excellent scores

PTE Elaborative Video Course

Detailed video course of PTE to help you achieve your aim of cracking PTE with remarkable scores.


Elaborative PTE video course is directed towards the candidates who aim to take the PTE exam at least after 4 weeks. The ‘Elaborative PTE video courses’ has all the features of ‘Intensive PTE video courses’ plus additional PTE Practice Tests and PTE Mock Tests. This package comes with 8 Practice Tests and 4 instantly scored Mock Tests. The duration of the Elaborative PTE video courses is designed keeping in mind the requirement of a student who needs to practice more as compared to the Intensive PTE video course. If you have just started the PTE preparation journey and want a complete solution for your PTE preparation, then our Elaborative PTE video courses will help you get the desired scores and fulfill your dreams. Go ahead and crack PTE exam with this PTE video course.


  • Detailed Video Lectures
  • 8 Practice Tests
  • 4 Mock Tests with instant results
  • Tips and Tricks for excellent scores

PTE Complete Video Course

Go ahead and get the PTE scores you always desired.


Just started with PTE preparation? Our PTE Complete Video Course is especially for you. As the name suggests, our PTE Complete Video Course will help you grow from a beginner to a pro in PTE Academic in JUST 6 WEEKS. The package has video lectures for each item type, 12 Practice Tests, 6 Mock Tests, eBooks, tips and tricks along with 20 Sectional Tests for rigorous and comprehensive practice. This PTE Video Course will ensure that you get extensive overview of each aspect of PTE Academic and know where you stand even before the first attempt. Methodical and stepwise preparation according to the guidelines given in this package will ensure that you do not miss even the minutest details of the PTE Academic.


  • Detailed Video Lectures
  • 12 Practice Tests
  • 6 Mock Tests with instant results
  • Tips and Tricks for excellent scores
  • 20 Sectional Tests


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