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    • User will get an introduction to B1 level spoken English Software
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Features and Benefits

  • Natural Immersion Programme

    Learn English language in the same way like you have learnt your mother tongue.

  • Immediate Feedback

    Interactive exercises provide instant feedback to help you improve your English language skills.

  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere

    Choose to learn and improve English at your own convenience of time and place.

Spoken English Proficiency Level

Spoken English Proficiency Level
C2 PROFICIENT986-90118-120
C1 ADVANCED879-82110-114
B1 INTERMEDIATE5.542-4946-59

How to Know your Proficiency Level


  • Want to step up to 5.0 band or equivalent level in various English language exams-IELTS, TOEFL and PTE?
  • Want to improve your speaking skills?
  • Want to converse confidently in unfamiliar context?
  • Want to strike an effective conversation in English with fluent speakers?

Do these concerns sound familiar?

Our Spoken English software B1 will help you enhance your English to the desired level.

The CEFR defines B1 level of English language at the level at which the speaker is able to communicate fluently in English. In any milieu and in context of activities such as - at workplace, at supermarket, at educational institutes or in rare environment, spoken English practice will come handy. Our product B2 will enable you to express your views fluently in English even in unfamiliar context. As a result you will be able to have a successful English discussion with everyone.

Why Us ?

Natural Immersion Programme

Did you learn grammar rules for your mother tongue before you began speaking it?
No, right? Then why should you learn complex grammar rules for speaking fluent English?

Our Natural Immersion Programme emphasises on

  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Speaking

LinguaSoft EduTech strongly believes that it is possible to learn a foreign language successfully, if it is made engaging with the aid and abet of fun activities along with a motivation to learn. Language thus, imbibed and learnt is deeply embedded in the process. Keeping this conviction in mind, our English language learning products are designed.
Our experience is that learning a language without taking into consideration the human motivational factor of pleasure and fun becomes exigent and boring, which discourages the learners. The lessons imparted keeping in mind the human psychology and embedding fun and pleasure in the learning process obtains positive and remarkable results. Such practices motivate the people to learn and attain milestones in the language learning process.
This methodology is incorporated in designing our products. Our "Spoken English" courses accomplish assured and positive outcomes; as we do not follow conventional & boring patterns of teaching "Spoken English" which are common in learning a second language. We adhere to a modus operandi where the outcomes are precise.
The learners can effortlessly relate to the ‘Topic’ of the day that is provided in the programs for basic users. The vocabulary pertaining to the topic is given as a start up exercise. Familiarity to the topic boosts the user’s confidence and they are able to understand and imagine things in their mother tongue. The users feel encouraged when they understand the words, their meanings and get elaborate practice to speak and to listen to those words.

Once the vocabulary has been acquired for the further lessons, the users then practice those exercises by speaking each and every word in the topic. A variety of interesting exercises like "Drag and Drop Text", "Type the Text" and "Repeat Sentences" (the interesting part of this is that the program will read their words alongside and keep their speech and delivery of the speech under check like the tone of the speech, the loudness or calmness in the delivery, how correct the delivery was etc.) lets the user practice the topic.
The 'Topic’ of the day concludes with the exercise of speak at length. As the name suggest, the learner speaks the topic in one go. This is a very productive way to learn as the user starts with acquiring the words and ends up speaking the topic as whole. This pattern is referred to as Natural Immersion Programme.
Liguasoft Edutech follows this methodology throughout the programme. The unique feature of these courses is that the user needs to do Week 1 completely to get the access to Week 2. The programme has been structured in a way that the present level of English of the user improves gradually to the desired level. So, the easy topics are covered first and the difficulty level of the topic increases as the weeks go on. So, Week 1 is the base for Week 2 and Week 2 is the base for Week 3 and so on. Similarly, it follows the pattern for days in a week too. When the user completes the day 1, they go to day 2 and so forth. In this manner, the level of English competency of the user increases along with getting the anticipated output rapidly thereby tracking the improvement from his present level of Spoken English. Fun learning is an integral part of the design of our programmes. There are unique games in each course to make learning "Spoken English" exciting. English language learning at LinguaSoft EduTech is packed with fun filled activities.